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The VIP Monthly Subscription

You, ma'am, are a very important bitch. & you deserve to be treated like one.

You landed here, on this page, somehow from somewhere for a REASON!

I'll be honest, I don't know the exact reason.

Maybe you're searching for healing.

Maybe you're searching fro growth.

Maybe you're here because your life is feeling a little stale or stuck, and deep down you KNOW that you are on this planet for MORE.


To BE happy.

To LIVE fulfilled.

To unleash your mind magic & create the reality you desire.



Maybe you've been focusing on

- Growing your Newtwork Marketing gig & being able to tell those haters to jump into a deep hole.

- Creating your own business, or on growing that bitch.

- Releasing shitty mindfucks like anxiety or depression.

- Improving your "momming" game.

- Exploring your spirituality.

- Or just simply getting in touch with who the hell you are meant to be.



it all evolves from the same space.


The more your mind expands, the more expansive your life becomes.


-YOU- are your greatest strength.

Giving yourself some bomb ass tools like ::

  • Accountability

  • Support

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • & Knowledge Bombs

helps you harness & focus that strength so that

          you can



                                   what the fuck

                                                 you want.


It ◾ just ◾ makes ◾ sense


And here, are ALL of those things, all wrapped up into one beautiful membership community.


VIBitch is a monthly membership filled with fierce Growth Gangsters just like you! Filled every month with brand new trainings, rituals, & soul digging audios created to Revolutionize EVERY aspect of your life.



By now, you're probably like "Will you just shut the heck up & tell me what I get?"

Why yes, yes I will.

Upon enrollment you'll receive access to all current & PRIOR trainings including the EXCLUSIVE

"Highly Vibrated"


(By exclusive we mean

       EX- CLU - SIVE

               because it isn't available ANYWHERE else

               & never will be. Well.......

                      except for the #UnFucked Mentorship. It's in                            therrrr too.)


And THEN - every month - you get brand new shit.


Shit like ::

  • E-Book course designed to elevate your mind & take you to your next level.

  • Accompanying audio course (lookin @ you auditory learners) covering the same topic, from a different point of view #WeIncludeEveryone

  • Hypnosis & Meditation audios created to bust through some walls & create change - FAST.

  • TWO (2) live zoom calls where you have the opportunity to talk to Teanna & Amanda FACE-TO-FACE & get some real world guidance goin' on for your current real world life.

  • Monthly "Harness The Moon" PDF so you are prepared for what's about to cosmically go down & can use that power to leverage your life.

  • Access to an exclusive book club featuring all of Teanna's favorite & life changing personal development reads, where we read separately & then virtually hang out a few times a month to dish about key points, aha moments, & how to apply it in real life, right now. (We go deep y'all)

  • A VIP community of other Growth Gangsters on their path of living their best life. You can spill all yo' tea here.



Now...... Amanda K & Teanna C aren't the kind of beezies who like to over promise & under deliver.

That shit nasty.

So instead ---> We like to spoil you with bonuses when it feels aligned.

"What that meannnnnnnn though?"


That means that we have a lot of ideas.

And the VIP is our fav place to share those ideas.


So each month

we might just randomly come up with some fun surprises like

- Exclusive meditations

- Journal Prompts

- LIVE monthly rituals that we invite you along to experience.

- Random 1:1 phone calls

- LIVE video courses

- And some fun guest trainings (We know some bitches)








Y'all wanna know my FAVORITE thing about this experience?

(This is Teanna BTdubs)


That there are TWO of us here, dedicated to sharing all the shit we've learned over the past 10 years ( that's actually like 20 years, cuz........ 10*2 = 20) & we each have the ability to do it from our own unique point of view.

Sometimes --> We don't even believe or teach the same thing.

Sometimes --> We disagree.

And we share it ALL.

Because cookie cutter is bullshit.

& we believe that you should have the opportunity to choose what resonates for YOU.


So you get TWO wise ass bitches for less than the proce you'd usually pay for 1.

Because one thing we do agree on, always & forever --> Revolution isn't reserved for only the bitches with high credit limits. #EqualOpportunityGrowth


But really, we've babbled enough.


You know in your soul, right now, if this is the place for you.

If there's that longing in your gut,

or that desire in your mind,

or that fire in your heart >>>>

Then WELCOME Growth Gangster!

Just click the "Enroll" button & lets get the revolution going!


If you're still doubt-y, but still here on this page


What do you have to lose?


We are SO freaking stoked you're here!! (Amanda made me censor the F-Bomb. #Lame)

& are already celebrating your Self-Revolution!



-Teanna & Amanda


PS! - Hurry & enroll! Cummmmmmmon..... we're waiting.

PPS!! - When you choose the yearly renewal option you get TWO MONTHS FREE!

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