Wait wait wait!

Don't go! I want you to evolve! & I want to be the one to help you. Like, for real. Watching bitches win at life is kind of how I get my jollies. 

If the investment is tripping you up, I've been there, I understand it. Feeling all broke & shit, wanting, or even needing to have someone give a shit enough to help. And instead feeling stuck because I couldn't afford it. 

I don't want that to happen here. Honestly, yeah, as an entrepreneur, I can't give everything away & be there for everyone for free. And that fucking sucks. But I want to make it happen with you. To PROVE I'm not just here for your dollars, but I'm genuinely here to get you to the next best level of your life. 


So..... what if it were more affordable?

Like $22 every two weeks?

I really, truly believe that the shifts you will experience as a result of this investment is going to be worth WAY more than $22. You are going to be amazed at what you get out of it. & so happy you did.


Have I ever lied to you?

Exactly. I never have.


So let's do it bitch. $22- every two weeks. Stretched over 17 payments.

​Doable. Winnable. 

Like.... that's kind of awesome. 

Click the button & get yourself one hell of a steal!

(well, not a steal, because I am super happy to give it to you)

​I am worth $22!

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