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Elevate your vibes.

Elevate your fucking life.

We'll just get right to it. No need for the long ass, dramatic 5 pages of me yappin at you. That's so gross.

When you think about Manifestation or the Law of Attraction or about creating shifts in your life, do any of the following phrases pop in your head?

- "What am I doing wrong?"

- "Why does this bullshit work for everyone else?"

- "It's not real. It never works for me."

- "What the fuck am I missing?"

- "How can I be so good at manifesting some stuff, but not the rest of the shit I really want?"

- "It's so fucking confusing."


I know. You get frustrated. Desperate. Maybe even angry. It brings on those feelings of not being as good as everyone else, or not being as worthy. That heavy failure feeling.

A betrayal from the Universe for not giving you the shit that it gives to other people.  (GASP!!! That universe is such a dick!)

So... you keep doin' it. And doin' it. Thinking that <EVENTUALLY> this has to work. Just crossing your fingers & waiting for the day that life does a 180.

Or you give the fuck up. Decide that this shit is for the special, magical folk, and you clearly aren't in that club. Why . Fucking . Bother .

LOOK it's not you. #Swearsies. It's all in the details that no one ever talks about. They're good at talking about WHEN it happened for them, but not how. Probably because they don't *ACTUALLY* understand it. Or... they do know the how.... but won't tell you until you hire them for $5K a month because.... they're manifesting too boo 😘


No one talks about your secret weapon. The most important tool you have that lies at the center of your manifestation game. Or hoe to train it to be your very own //MANIFESTATION MAGICIAN//

So I will. It's your subconscious mind. And it's a pretty big fucking deal. Once you learn how to master that bitch, your life is never the same. In the best way.

See.... The Law of Attraction is REALLY all about talking to your subconscious mind.

  • What words you use

  • HOW you use the words

  • WHEN you use the words

  • AAAANNNDDDD the shit that's <EVEN MORE> powerful than words.

When your words, your vibes, your feelings & your images all come into alignment >> Some REAL badass shit starts happening in yo' life. Major shifts occur. And huge leaps forward happen almost overnight. Well, in hindsight it {feels} like overnight. Which is pretty much the same, eh?


My intention is to write you a big fatty review. But at this moment, let me say that it was well organized, the workbook made me think and do good work, the hypnos were so great I still use them, and the content taught me a lot I didn't know about the benefits of hypnosis.

-Sherri W.


AND THIS BITCH, this course, right here, that you are reading about now, has been designed to do EXACTLY that.


To teach you how to communicate with your subconscious in new ways that release the bullfuckery & align the fuck out of some magic. To train your mind to be your very own manifestation magician.

"How?", you are probably questioning to yourself.

Like dis 👇👇

A SEVEN WEEK course that's all about that bass.

(J/K. It's all your mind, and your vibes, and THE REAL way to manifest.)

& it includes ::

📺 1 - Manifestation & Your Subconscious Mind
Here you will learn about the principles BEHIND manifestation. THIS . SHIT . MATTERS . You can’t make shifts happen when you don’t understand the key points. & that is probably why you’ve watched 48 videos & nothing has changed yet.
We’ll cover ::
✨An evaluation of your current reality. By creating an awareness of your current reality you become empowered & better equipped to make the mental adjustments to take your life where the fuck you want to go. Evaluating your current reality includes decisions you’ve made, why you made them, & what beliefs led to those decisions. Leading to – TADA!- better decisions & the power to take control of your life.
✨ The Subconscious Mind. You’ll learn WHY you need your mind to cooperate in manifestation, why it’s the driving force behind EVERYTHING you want to manifest, & all the other shit that the “gurus” & buzz word bitches leave out. Your subconscious mind IS THE MAGIC behind manifestation. It’s time that the true magic is un-fucking-leashed.

📺 2 - Aligning Your Outcome
This is going to be big turn inwards. A vision without clarity is kind of like knowing you want to visit a monument in Nebraska, & hopping in your car without a map, your phone, and any kind of navigation. There is a good chance you CAN get there, it’s probably just going to be funked up journey. With a lot of unnecessary stops & uncomfortable conversations with strangers for directions, probably getting off course & having to turn around.
To avoid that nonsense, we will ::
✨ Go through a blueprint to identify the specifics of what the hell you want. Defining your next level you & detail the specifics so that there is no backtracking, turning around, or getting lost.
✨ Create a process for you to quickly define ANY goal that you desire in the future, & how the fuck to instantly create the pathway to get there.

📺 3 - Aligning Your Mind
Blocks. Resistance. Limitations. That voice in your head that says “You Can’t.” Those are a BIG deal, and I know it can get frustrating when people just tell you to essentially “Get over it & move on.” Like, okay bitch… but how? This mental preparation is vital to your manifestation.
So we are going to ::
✨ Build up a skillset that you can use FOREVER to reprogram & tweak any of the bullfuckery in your mind. LISTENING to the resistance, then forming an awareness around it, leads to the ability to CORRECT it.
🎧 Utilize hypnosis to get rid of some shit.
✨ Go real deep into how it is the PUSHING AWAY of the discomfort that creates the shitty results. Read that again. The discomfort doesn’t cause shitty results, the resistance to it does. So let’s get fucking rid of the resistance. *BOOM*
✨Talk about affirmations & why the majority of what you have been told is total bullshit. There is a RIGHT way to word them to bring success, a RIGHT thing to focus on as you say them, and a RIGHT time to say them. If you want the results anyway. (secret – I know you do.)
✨ Oh, and PS – did you know that affirmations is a SKILL? Meaning… you can get better & better at it. & this is where the fuck you learn how to do that.

📺 4 - Aligning Your Vision
YASSSS! Now that all the bull-fuckery is cleared, or at least you know how to handle it, it’s time to get into the GOING FORWARD. Yes, all the previous steps are fucking necessary to get to this point. So that now, the shit can go down QUICK. That’s why we took our time to get here.
Annnnnnnd now, we’re going to get into ::
✨ How to KNOW that you can be, do, have & create absolutely ANYTHING.
✨Aligning your actions with what you already determined to be your ideal self in week 2.
✨ Living FROM the manifestation, and not FOR the manifestation.
✨ Side-stepping the shit that is present right now in your life, and ya know, just in the fucking way.

📺 5 - Aligning Your Vibrations
If you want success in your manifestation, you gotta vibe it the fuck out. Or… work on avoiding the real low vibes that bring in the shit you don’t want. Your vibrations & the way you feel when you do the affirmations, do the visualizations, do the daily practices, & any other manifestation work is either the fuel in your engine, or the sand in your gas tank.
One of my most FAVORITE PARTS because we get to chat about ::
🎧 HYPNO-MEDITATIONS!! I created these. & they are bomb. To make a visualization effective, and to magnify your vibrational state, you want to be in a “dream like state” AKA- relaxed as hell & your subconscious mind on the surface. You will have access to a variety of hypno-meditations that cover visualizing all different aspects of your future, so that you can EFFECTIVELY bring those vibrations into your life. Love whispers to your subconscious mind in quick, daily doses. #FuckYes
✨ How society & the gurus & buzz word talkers have fucked up your manifestation game, & how to fix it.
✨ Letting your subconscious mind do a shit ton of the manifestation work. Which means… there is really less for you to do. Which is awesome!

📺 6 - Aligning Your Actions
True story, you don’t want to focus on manifestation all the time. You actually should be focusing on it very little. (Remember, your subconscious is gonna be doing the work?) But there are daily things that you do want to do, powerful things that up the hell out of your game.
You will get a deeper understanding ( & therefore higher success rate!) of ::
✨ PRACTICAL practices that you can implement EASILY & quickly into your life. & WHEN THE HELL to do these thangs.
✨ Low vibrational awareness & how the fuck to avoid it.
✨ REVISION. Aka – what the hell you do when it feels like the shit isn’t manifesting, nothing is working, & you kind of feel like a bag of ass. So that you can turn it all around.

📺 7 - Ain’t Nothing Gonna Fuck With Your Flow
Feelings & emotions are real as hell. They deserve your time, they deserve your attention. But they are NOT you. You are a person who is observing them, and as you manifest, it’s easy to get blindsided by them. & then they want to take over. The natural reaction is to resist them or push them down, but we aren’t here for that. Instead we are going to talk all about ::
✨ Just BEING the observer. How to allow your emotions, feel them, and give them their space. So that you can exist WITH them.
✨ WHY pushing them away has a negative impact on your vibrations & your manifestation goals.
✨ How you are NOT fucking up your manifestation by being a feeling human being instead of a damn robot.

☎ 6 weekly calls where you get LIVE coaching & clarity around your goals, manifestations, frustrations, questions, & vibrations. (Replays will be available for anyone who isn't able to hop on.)

💻 A //PRIVATE// Facebook community where I am available Mon-Fri to answer questions & give you that guidance as you work through the modules. & ya know, accountability.

⚰ LIFETIME ACCESS! The FB community is open FOREVER to get forever support on your shifts as new shit pops up. AND you are AUTOMATICALLY in every single run of the course. Including ALL future bonuses. & random ass new modules.

There IS a shit ton of support. And even more accountability. And so much fucking growth. Like, the kind that will blow your mind and have you yelling "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" by the end of the course. But probably more like day 3.....

This course is about THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. And implementing daily practices to bring your bullshit into your awareness. Giving YOU the power to evolve & refine YOUR magic powers. 


It starts October 22ND.

It runs for 49 days.

(SEVEN weeks)

Ending December 11th.

And it changes your life FOREVER.


If you want to take your experience to the fucking top,

then boy-oh-boy do I have the thing for you!

I have opened up some limited spaces to add a

SHIFTED focus call to your Vibe.Set Experience.

 At half price.

During the 90 minute call we will

  • Identify WHAT specific actions will create the biggest shift in yo' life.

  • Identify blocks & resistence to your ideal life & FUCKING ELIMINATE THEM.

  • Identify the best, most personalized approach to the Vibe.Set material for YOU.

  • Create clarity around your ideal self.


After your  SHIFTED Focus Call you will receive your own plan of action, notes from the call & a PERSONALIZED

hypno-meditation to use along with the Vibe.Set program.


It's kind of like steroids (the healthy kind, don't freak) for your mind growth. 

AND it's fucking awesome. 


AND it's all yours (Vibe.Set AND the one:one halfday event) for just $444. Which.... you can also do in payment plans. Because I WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!

If you are the kind of bitch who is done playin' and is ready to STEP INTO YOUR POWER to get what the fuck you want from life >> Then we're real fucking happy to have you in here. 

Vibe set gave me my life back. I was living in temporary housing. Didn’t have money for food. I was in a dead end job. Now I live in a better place. I have money for food as well as self care and “fun” activities. I have found my self confidence again.

-Amanda C.

Pay In Full
1 payment
Monthly Payment
4 payments of
$111-/each month

Livin' la vida


Bi-Weekly Payment
11 payments of
$44-/every 2 weeks

Let's get shifty!

For the //legit// MVB

(Most Valuable Bitch)

viBE.Set & shiFted
Bundle Options 

One payment of $220- billed yearly

viBE.Set Payment OptiOns

I'm ALL IN. 

Clicking here, proving I fucking believe IN ME.

YES!! I am worth the change!

Bi-Weekly Payment
11 payments of
$33-/every 2 weeks

Invest in YOU.

Change yo' fucking life.

Monthly Payment
3 payments of
$111-/each month
Pay In Full
1 payment

Vibe set focused me into so many parts of myself I didn't even know. Healed things I thought I had healed..and really just made me start a journey that's led to being confident. I speak my mind..I don't do what I don't want to. I am no longer the doormat! Also that confidence..well it sent some relationships to the trash bin!! Long overdo!! Love it! Love Teanna!!

-Amber B.

If you're down here, it means you're not committed-committed yet. We're still @ that Netflix & chill stage, and that's cool too. 
BUT I'm also not that kind of bitch that's gonna try & sweet talk you into joining me. I know what I offer, you decide if you want in. That's it. 
end of story.
Howwwwwever, I am nice so I'll tell you about some of the bonuses that you'll get when you sign up right now ')

🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤 AND 6 BADASS BONUSES 🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤

Yo, no. Slapping some pics on a poster board that you look at every once in a while from the coner of your eye is not the way to go . So we're gon' go from start to finish, how to make & use a vision board THE EFFECTIVE WAY.

Audios for you to listen to all fucking day to elevate your vibes, penetrate your subconscious mind wall & elevate your vibes fucking effortlessly. Introduced weeks 3 & 4.

7 meditation audios, each designed around the weeks content, specifically to sink the info in & get you in the fucking zone.

Info & exercises to reinforce your learning experience & hit a home fucking run in yo brain.

A whole entire mini-course all about manifesting those dollar bills so that you can LIVE IN FUCKING FREEDOM!

ANOTHER mini-course dedicated to you, your success, & your business. Grow that bitch & be the boss you desire to be.

This bitch right here is all about you & your relationships. Whether it is your current relationship or attracting a brand new relationship. Getttt it girl 🙏🏼 & get to being treated like the fucking queen you are.

If that doesn't swing your vote, I dont know what will. 
Scroll back up there, 
choose your payment sched,
let's get vibin' best bitch!
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