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You know that you aren't where you want to be. 

Broke. Stuck. Bland. Scared.

Not enjoying the bank account you want. 

Struggling to bring in the money. 

Hustling & Grinding, sans results. 

Maybe you're struggling, not able to sleep at night from the stress. 

Or maybe, all you want to do is sleep to escape.

Maybe you have just enough money, but know that you're meant for more. 

Or maybe, it's your business. You're doing all the things, following all the strategies, taking the actions, and not seeing the income. 

Or maybe you KNOW what actions you want to take, but you procrastinate and hesitate and fight with the wanting to do it, but don't know why. 

Yeah, you know where you are with your money.

You know where you want to be with your money.

And THAT is why you are here. 

You know, already, what your life is supposed to feel like.

And you KNOW you are ready to do the shit to get there. 

YOU are ready to be a rich bitch. 

And rich bitch you shall be. 

I will be very honest - I absolutely believe you can achieve all your goals and live an abundant, rich bitch life all on your own. You can study, read, consume internet content, go through dozens of notebooks working out your conscious feelings, and elevate your wealth consciousness eventually. 

Or, you can decide you want it now.

You can decide, right now, that you want all of the tools. All of the knowledge. 

That it is time to manifest the bank account of your dreams and receive an income you deserve. 

The complete formula to enjoy your life as a Rich Bitch. 

The Rich Bitch Formula

8 modules that will guide you through the ENTIRE process of manifesting abundance and reprogramming your mind for wealth. We'll walk through how the mind works, how manifestation REALLY works, and get down deep into the principles of creating and receiving wealth. From the right way to set goals to perceptions and beliefs around money to emotions and forgiveness and what to say to yourself and what to say to others.

I mean, it's 8 modules. There's a lot of shit. Some real badass shit that will guide you towards living a life overflowing with abundance. Let's be real, you don't care about the modules and what's included. You just care that it gets you what you want. That it gets you where you want to be. That you get to live a life where you feel free and enjoy yourself, knowing that you are always supported.

To make it happen even faster, and even easier, each module is stacked with hypnosis audios and meditations so that you can reprogram your subconscious mind while you're awake AND while you sleep. These audios are proven to transform your mind into an environment where wealth is fostered and grown, where self-sabotage and fear are erased, success is inevitable and you are able to manifest moeey, & anything else you desire, consistently. Transforming YOU into the Rich Bitch even better than your dreams. 

During the 28 day course, 2 modules will be released each week.

with INSTANT access to three *BONUS* sections ::

  • Manifesting FAST!

  • Abundance Techniques & using them the RIGHT way.

  • Removing blocks, hesitation, and fear around money. 


You also get to keep, FOREVER, the entire Powerful AF Hypnosis package.  Trainings to  boost your confidence and create success in your state of being, so that it is EASY to believe in your abilities to manifest and create the 3D reality you desire, by shifting your mutha fucking mind.   


Access to every single module added in the future, and any bonus content, at no additional cost.

Pay once, & it's all yours forever!! 

Payment Plan
10 Payments
Three Monthly Payments
Single Payment
5 Month Plan


LIVE Vision Board Masterclass where we talk all about the RIGHT way to set up and USE a vision board to manifest the abundant life you are here to live!

Join us on 6/30/2020 @ 5:30 PM  MST



A {PRIVATE} Facebook community where you can post your questions about money, wealth, abundance, mindset & manifestation and get them answered in real time as you work through each module!

WEEKLY Facebook lives in the group where you can ask whatever you want, and get semi-private coaching & help (I mean, duh. It's a Facebook group. So everyone will see it. Don't worry though, we all have the same goals!).

If you desire, you can ALSO get a discount code for 50% off one 1:1 coaching session.

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