Have these questions been swirling around in your head?

Give yourself 1 point for each one ::


What is blocking me from manifesting?

Why can't I just do this?

I know that there is something in the way of me achieving x-y-z... What is it?

I KNOW that this is meant for me, so what the hell is going on?

If I could just get over my bullshit....

How do I find these blocks?

What is wrong with my brain?

I thought manifestation was supposed to be easy?


Why can't I just get past this block?

This is taking forever.

I thought I let that go already?


I just want all these blocks to go away.

Why do I feel all this resistance?

It isn't supposed to be this hard.

I'm fucking over this.

If you just gave yourself more than 1 point, I will bet a couple dollars that you know you deserve better.

AmmI Right?

Of course I am.

And so are you -

It ISN'T supposed to be this hard.

It never was.

So let's make it easier.

This nifty little doo-dad RIGHT HERE gets rid of all that 👆🏻👆🏻

And it is a SHIT TON less painful & labor intensive than anyone has told you.

Dare I say.... it's like, fun.

Crazy, I know.

You don't have to spend days or weeks or months getting to the bottom of your shit.

You don't have to dig into the scary, ugly parts of you.

You don't have to analyze everything that anyone has ever said to you that might have stuck in your subconscious mind as a block.

That shit is for the birds.

You can get listening RIGHT NOW & wake up clear & confident tomorrow.



Yeah, it can happen that fast.

Here's what we get into::

  • Identifying your Blocks

  • Acknowledging your Limiting Beliefs

  • CORRECTING & transcending your Limitations

  • Releasing your Resistance

I wasn't fucking lying.

It's that easy.

Don't confuse the ease for being underserved.

NOT ONLY do we address that shit,

you get::

Hypnosis Audios to sink it in DEEP.

Meditation tracks & Affirmations customized to moving the hell forward.

AND the support of an entire group shaking their ass & changing their life JUST LIKE YOU.

And you get it for $27-!

(Full transparency - this is a membership library, so the payment reoccurs every month for continued access to new content, that you'll definitely want to hang for. BUT in case - you are free to canel at any time.)

This course is part of the VIBitch Library- so when you decide that you are worth it, and fucking ready for that change,  NOT ONLY do you get access to this course - you get access to a VAST array of resources. From health, to money, to loving your damn self.

And, new courses every month.


There are bi-weekly, and a discounted yearly payment options available @ VIBitch if you aren't feeling $27.

No matter what option - Just make sure you get the fuck in so that you can FINALLY let all the bullfuckery go.

Once & for all.

The end.


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