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Email Coaching

Your special coaching email address to use is

Please send your email with the email address that you used to purchase as the Subject Line. If you purchased multiple emails, include the number 1, 2, 3 etc after your email address. 

  • We can only focus on one issue per email. When packages of multiple emails are purchased, I will obvs attempt to keep your future emails focused on the most beneficial topics to help you get the most out of our coaching. HOWEVER, if you send an email unrelated to the current topic it is still counted as part of your package.

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply. I strive for under 12 hours, but occasionally the emails get backed up. 

  • Each email you send will count as 1 email and will only receive 1 response.

Unlimited Access

Please download Voxer @

Android ::

Apple ::

You can then add me as a contact @ Teanna Campbell or tcampb8465


In your first message, please include your email address that you used to purchase.  I will respond to give you a time frame when we are able to begin your access!

  • It is suggested that we focus on one topic per package. For example, either growing your business, or manifesting money, or manifesting your desired relationship.  

  • While access is unlimited, it may not be immediate. Unlimited access clients do get FIRST priority, however, I sleep & spend time with my family. So it may take up to 12 hours before I am able to get the conversation going. It is usually much faster during the day, less than an hour. 

  • Your scheduled time-frame may be delayed its start up to a week, depending on where you are in the que. To make your coaching effective, I have a limit on the number of clients I talk to at a time. 

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply to begin your unlimited access. I strive for under 12 hours, but occasionally the emails get backed up. 

  • Your package runs on a continuous basis. For example, you cannot split the month in 2 separate sections of 2 weeks, or split the week into less than 7 continuous days. 

Custom Hypnosis Audio

An intake form will be emailed to you within 48 business hours from This form has to be completed and emailed back before the audio can start to be produced. 

  • We can only focus on one issue per audio.

  • Once your intake form is received by me, it will take up to 10 business days for your audio to be completed. It will be emailed back to you in MP3 format.

  • Your audio is personalized and for YOUR USE ONLY. It cannot be shared with or used by others for your own financial gain. Giving access to others could be irresponsible, as it is specifically for you, and does not speak to their specific needs. Using as a part of your own course or product is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. 


If you have any additional questions about the audio please email me at

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