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Choose ANY option for the exact same payment of $111. 

All you have to do is choose HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SAVE.



Three self paced courses created JUST FOR YOU. All about living your best life with the body of your dreams, the bank account of your dreams, and the business you are ready to GROW. 

Release the hustle. It is dead. And it won't get you where you want to go. 

I mean.... if it did, you'd be there already, wouldn't you? 

Because you've done the hustle. 

You've done the struggle. 

You've done the pushing through.

And...... results aren't happening. 

Because IT IS TIME to use your mind, align, & manifest that shit. 

To get results by ATTRACTING them. Not chasing them.

While using hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind - allowing that shit to happen faster. Easier. And happier. 

Courses are designed for you to move at your own pace & apply each step when you are ready, expanding your mind, and listening to the hypnosis, visualization, affirmation and bonus audios at YOUR right time. 

When you purchase now, you receive lifetime access and ALL future course additions, at no extra cost to you. Even when the cost of the course increases for new clients.

Each course is priced at $77, but the value for each is well over $555.

This means BIG savings for you when you lock it down today. 

Included Courses ::


Healthy Bitch


Through this course, I’m not going to tell you what to eat,

Or when.

I’m not going to shove a new metabolic system down your throat, or throw supplements & shakes at you.


I’m going to simply lead you through your body.

Help you heal the damage that’s been passed on to you, from others bullshit beliefs.

With a 6 module e-book.

A jillion reprogramming hypnosis & meditation audios.

(Ok, just like 22)

A guide to heal your mind,

Heal your body,

& heal your relationship with yourself.

& access to all future added course modules.


With some tough love, brand new concepts, a new belief system & some brilliant logic >> you get to heal, at your own pace.

& discover what TRULY works for you.

So that you can gain a healthy body,

More easily,

More effortlessly,

& faster than ever before.

Rich Bitch


This course isn't your typical "invest your money here." Nor is it all about "releasing your limiting beliefs." I bet you've tried that, and kind of just felt more like shit. Right? 

So let's not do it. 

And let's try something NEW. 

Manifesting the money.

No no, not the same way every other manifestation barbie has told you. Not the surface level shit that has you wondering "what is wrong with me? Why can't I do this?" 

But the way that has WORKED for my clients.

The way that gets $10,000 checks in the mail.

Jobs with double the salary.

Surprise clients & sales.

By teaching you HOW to tap into your power.

In your own way.

So that creating that income & manifesting money is EASY and more importantly - FUN!



With easy to listen to audio teachings.

Workbook & journal prompts to accelerate your manifestation magic.

And a couple dozen money manifestation & income creation hypnosis, meditation, and affirmation audios. 

Each one designed to bring you results faster.

More specifically.

And help you do it over, and over, and over.

Living EVERY DAY in a state of abundance.

Becoming a fucking magnet for all the shit you love.


Course will be released on 12.20.19

But you get EARLY access to some audios before ANYONE else when you snag this deal.

Boss Bitch


Your biz is your baby. 

I get it. Mine is.

And that baby runs your mind.

Always thinking of how to grow. How to sell more. How to get more signups.

Whether you are in Direct Sales, MLM, or run your own hustle,

this course is here to bust through those barriers you feel.

I have been RIGHT where you are. You KNOW that you are meant for more. That you are meant to RUN THIS BITCH, quit the 9-5, build an empire, show your doubting family & haters that you are THE FUCKING QUEEN. But more importantly, to make a difference. Not just is your life, but in the lives of everyone else around you. 

Whether your goal is to be that top enroller, or to hit those $15K months, or to have a team that works & hits those ranks without your constant oversight - YOU DESERVE TO HAVE IT.

To feel that "FUCK YES!! I DID IT!!"

Enter - Boss Bitch.

With easy to listen to audio teachings all about CREATING that income & those results.

Workbook & journal prompts to accelerate your manifestation magic.

And a couple dozen business, client, sales, & enrollee manifestation hypnosis, meditation, and affirmation audios. 

Each one designed to bring you results faster.

More specifically.

And help you do it over, and over, and over.

Living EVERY DAY in a state of abundance.

Becoming a fucking magnet for all the shit you love.

The same kind of audios that have gotten clients results like



Their first, second, third & fourth clients. Often in the same week.

And those BIG ASS breakthroughs that revolutionize their biz.


Course will be released on 12.20.19

But you get EARLY access to some audios before ANYONE else when you snag this deal.


If you already own one of these courses, or... if you just want to switch it out - you can exchange access for one of the above courses for access to ZEN BITCH. Self paced study to work through & process anxiety, stress, lack & fear so that you can EXIST and FLOW in a state of peace. This course isn't available yet - but you will receive access to audios at some point before its release 1.3.20.


VIBitch is a daily experience filled with fierce Growth Gangsters just like you! Upon official launch on 12.2.19 you will receive brand new trainings, rituals, & soul digging audios created to Revolutionize EVERY aspect of your life. Each month new hypnosis audios will be released, but that's not the magic. 

You get access to DAILY high vibrational techniques, community, support and accountability. 

Whether it is LIVE in our private facebook community, an audio that is sent to your inbox, or text reminders - you will be given ALL the resources to LIVE every day in abundance. 

Creating a mental lifestyle that enables you to CREATE the reality you desire, and manifest all . the . shit . faster.  (Yeah, that's what happens when you LIVE in a high vibrational space.)

The entire SelfRevolution audio library is already loaded and ready for you to dive into. Covering topics from money to love to peace to health. 

Upon enrollment you'll receive access to all current & PRIOR trainings including the                             EXCLUSIVE

                            "Highly Vibrated"

                                                 30 day email course.


(By exclusive I mean

         EX- CLU - SIVE

               because it isn't available ANYWHERE else

                         & never will be.)



And THEN - every month - you get brand new shit.


Shit like ::

  • DAILY high vibrational techniques, audios, & accountability. WITH the opportunity to have them created FOR YOUR SPECIFIC manifestation! 

  • A monthly new specific-topic audio training. Shit that isn't covered or released ANYWHERE else.

  • Hypnosis & Meditation audios releated to the topic, created to bust through some walls & create change - FAST.

  • TWO (2) live zoom calls where you have the opportunity to talk to me (Teanna) & get some real world guidance goin' on for your current real world life. Sky is the fucking limit. 

  • Access to an exclusive book club featuring all of Teanna's favorite & life changing personal development reads, where we read separately & then virtually hang out a few times a month to dish about key points, aha moments, & how to apply it in real life, right now. (We go deep y'all)

  • A VIP community of other Growth Gangsters on their path of living their best life. You can spill all yo' tea here. A high vibrational space to talk about your manifestations, ask questions, share your current space & receive insight.

The VIBitch experience is currently offered @ 12 monthly payments of $44

(I'll handle the math. That's $528 a year).

Save $417 when you snatch yo' self a year of access at $111!


Keep Scrolling for EVEN MORE savings!


- Healthy Bitch

- Rich Bitch

- Boss Bitch

** Option Available to substitute one course for Zen Bitch.

Save $120!!!

Keep Scrolling for EVEN MORE savings!

Save $417!!!




2 payments of

Save $537!!!!

Get EVERYTHING listed above, without any additional investment today. Pay the $111, and pay the other $111 in 30 days. 

You really can have your pie AND eat it too!


to the VIBitch Experience


3 Course Bundle

Save $537!!!

Keep Scrolling for EVEN MORE savings!

ALL 2019 & 2020 Self Study Courses



Save $734!!!!

3 payments of


to the VIBitch Experience


ALL Course Bundle

Add one additional payment of $111 & get access to ALL of the above listed courses 


every . single . self study . course 

released in 2020.

Health. Weight Release.

Anxiety. Happiness.

Money. Business. 

Gratitude. Love. Relationships.


Knowing that AS SOON as you see a course (the self-study kind. You WILL have the opportunity to get group programs at a discount though!) being offered - YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. 

I'll be honest. 2020 is not completely mapped out. So I don't know what exactly ALL the courses are. That will be determined by demand, what y'all want, and what will serve you best. But the ones I DO have planned are dope. And I know there will be at least 4. So.... you save an extra $400. MINIMUM.

Save $734!!!

Keep Scrolling for EVEN MORE savings!

VIBE.SET Group Program



4 payments of

Save $861!!!!

Add one additional payment of $111 & get access to the VIBitch Experience 


Life time access to the SelfRevolution signature group course -


No one talks about your secret weapon. The most important tool you have that lies at the center of your manifestation game. Or how to train it to be your very own //MANIFESTATION MAGICIAN//

So I will.

It's your subconscious mind. And it's a pretty big fucking deal. Once you learn how to master that bitch, your life is never the same. In the best way.

See.... The Law of Attraction is REALLY all about talking to your subconscious mind.

  • What words you use

  • HOW you use the words

  • WHEN you use the words

  • AAAANNNDDDD the shit that's <EVEN MORE> powerful than words.

When your words, your vibes, your feelings & your images all come into alignment >> Some REAL badass shit starts happening in yo' life.

Major shifts occur. And huge leaps forward happen almost overnight. Well, in hindsight it {feels} like overnight. Which is pretty much the same, eh?

AND THIS BITCH, this course, right here, that you are reading about now, has been designed to do EXACTLY that.


To teach you how to communicate with your subconscious in new ways that release the bullfuckery & align the fuck out of some magic.

To train your mind to be your very own manifestation magician.

How, you are probably questioning to yourself?

Like dis 👇👇

A SEVEN WEEK course that's all about that bass.

(J/K. It's all your mind, and your vibes, and THE REAL way to manifest.)

  • A //PRIVATE// Facebook community where I am available Mon-Fri to answer questions & give you that guidance as you work through the modules. & ya know, accountability.

  • 7 weekly calls where you get LIVE coaching & clarity around your goals, manifestations, frustrations, questions, & vibrations. (Replays will be available for anyone who isn't able to hop on.)

  • Weekly manifestation techniques & exercises.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS! The FB community is open FOREVER to get forever support on your shifts as new shit pops up. AND you are AUTOMATICALLY in every single run of the course. Including ALL future bonuses. & random ass new modules.

  • EXCLUSIVE hypnosis session to remove & release blocks associated with manifestation.

Modules Include ::

📺 1 - Manifestation & Your Subconscious Mind

📺 2 - Aligning Your Outcome

📺 3 - Aligning Your Mind

📺 4 - Aligning Your Vision

📺 5 - Aligning Your Vibrations

📺 6 - Aligning Your Actions

📺 7 - Ain’t Nothing Gonna Fuck With Your Flow

See - here's the thing. I don't believe in that bullshit where I haide parts of the process so that you have to keep buying shit. This course gives it ALL to you. Everything. From years & years & years of study, practice & teaching.


This live program will start on January 6, 2020. So you KNOW that next year is gonna be straight fire. Priced at $777, you basically save a shit ton of dolla bills with this bundle. It's like getting the course at half price AND a free year of the VIBitch Experience. 


#SayWhaaaaaaat !? 

VIBE.SET Group Program



to the VIBitch Experience

Save $861!!!

Keep Scrolling for

THE BIG savings!

Save $948 with


SAVE $1,178!

Stack your payments & get EVERYTHING on this page for just SIX payments of $111.

There is literally no way for your life to not shift dramatically in 2020 with this investment. 

It includes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to

manifest like a boss bitch,

live in a high vibrational space errr' day,

and completely expand your state of being. 

Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

VIBE.SET Group Program




ALL Course Bundle

Save $1,307 with

I mean.... that's the end. 

You can save a shit load of money by clicking one of the buttons above. 

PLUS - save future dollars with the private discount codes offered to VIBitch members.

These prices will NEVER be offered again. 

Well, except for next Black Friday when you can get another year of VIBitch at a discount. 

Because.... here's a secret. I'm making it my NEW way of being in 2020 to stop discounting my services. My shit is legit, and it is already worth WAY more than what I charge. 

So these prices - will NEVER happen again. 

Like, ever. 

Hurry up & choose your savings.

I don't want you being sad later.

Because I love you.

& That's a fact, Sis.


3 Course Bundle


1 Year Access to the VIBitch Experience

ALL 2020 Course Bundle


1 year Access to the VIBitch Experience

VIBE.SET Group Program


1 Year Access to the VIBitch Experience

ALL 2020 Course Bundle


1 year Access to the VIBitch Experience


VIBE.SET Group Program

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